ACTIVE Services


Online Meta-Management Solution

Connected Service Solution to monitor & manage

all your equipment connected



The ACTIVE Services are a Pack of four Solutions allowing the user:

  • To get an overview of its activities through the connected equipment
  • To take control of the site & materials remotely
  • To manage the key contents linked to its activities
  • To keep control, secure the account access & data




“ACTIVE Services is a web platform created to ensure a global control & the operating functioning of all the worldwide connected equipment of a company & make easy their remote management. So we conceived four Solutions completely customizable & modular to all activities, fields, sectors, sites & products. According to his needs, the user can choose one or more following services.”

Anthony Magnini, ACTIVE Services CTO & Product Manager


  • Adapt & customize the interface to your activity
  • Analyze the operating status of all your equipment
  • Schedule automatic tests
  • Get a complete history
  • Cross-analyze the data of your choice
  • Decide of the validity period of your passed tests

ACTIVE Care  ordi-homme

  • Monitor & manage all your infrastructures
  • Control them over SSH, VNC or HTTP protocols
  • Easily add your new products
  • Geolocate all your equipment worldwide
  • Receive email alerts in case of issue

ACTIVE Delivery

  • Centralize & save all your data to easily recover them
  • Transfer contents: Files, A-V, configurations, etc… for each sites & products
  • Download product logs to remotely analyze problems
  • Benefit from the latest updates automatically & remotely     

ACTIVE Proxy/Boot               

  • Proxy: hardware & software solution to make the link between all your connected materials, IOT & the ACTIVE Services thanks to an API
  • Boot: Automatic installation & configuration of the Qalif equipment. ln case of equipment replacement, or material adding, automatically recover all your configuration & data