Qalif Ultimate Guaranteed the Quality of the Screenings at the 68th Cannes Film Festival

During the latest edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which took place from May 13th to May 24th 2015, Qalif Ultimate from Highlands Technologies Solutions contributed to obtaining an impeccable image and consistent quality.

A powerful tool ensuring a consistent quality of the screenings.

In order to allow an optimal use of the digital equipment, Highlands Technologies Solutions (HTS) proposed to the Commission Supérieure Technique (CST) to provide their solution Qalif Ultimate for the duration of the Cannes Film Festival. This innovative tool enables the analysis and calibration of the digital screening equipment, in order to automatically or semi-automatically correct all of the setting defects. Qalif Ultimate provides a lot of information such as the uniformity of the screen, the luminance, convergence adjustment, colors, the focus and the contrast.

Also, thanks to its spectometre – the most precise spectometre on the market – Qalif Ultimate is compatible with the new laser source projectors. Guaranteeing the best calibration and analysis devices available to date, Qalif Ultimate is a particularly complete tool.

This year, five Qalif Ultimate units were used during the Cannes Film Festival. Three units were installed in fixed positions in the Grand Théâtre Lumière, in the Debussy theatre and in the “Sixtieth theatre”. Furthermore, two additional Qalif Ultimate mobile units were used for the calibration of all of the other theaters of the Palais des Festivals. Thus, the perimeter covered by the Qalif represented 27 projection theatres and more than 1800 screenings in total.

Compared to traditional manual measurements, this tool is at the same time more accurate and faster. But beyond increased quality of projection, Qalif Ultimate also provides detailed reports, centralized and automated. It is especially important for world class events such as the Cannes Film Festival to centralize critical information and quickly and easily get a detailed supervision of all of the movie theaters.

Angelo Cosimano, General Delegate of the CST, commented : “We are delighted with the historically linked relationship with HTS, their innovative tool guarantees a digital projection quality and consistency over time, and meets the quality standards AFNOR NF S 27100. This qualitative aspect is very important for the CST. ”

Jean-Baptiste Hennion, 2AVI, collaborating with the CST, adds : « The facilities we are working on are tailor-made and of high quality ; we can count on the Qalif; it makes us benefit from the full performance of this tool in order to push the limits of quality. It is essential to work with a complete and reliable tool”.