Press Release: Partnership Harkness Screens and Highlands Technologies Solutions (HTS)

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Harkness Screens™ is the world’s leading screen technology company, specialising in the design and manufacture of projection screens and supporting technologies. With manufacturing facilities throughout the world, Harkness is regarded as the world leader in cinema and today has screens in more cinemas worldwide than any other manufacturer.

Harkness Screens and Highlands Technologies Solutions (HTS) announced an agreement to exclusively link Harkness Screen Technology to HTS Qalif devices. The two companies will jointly market an integrated screen monitoring package combining Harkness’ Screen Optimization software and high performance screen surfaces with the Qalif. In field pilots will commence in November with both partners committing to launch a full service package at Cinemacon 2015.The key elements of the package can be seen on HTS and Harkness trade booths and websites with immediate effect. The new integrated package will allow cinemas to optimise presentation quality at design stage and then maintain this for the lifetime of the screen.

Commenting on the announcement, Harkness CEO, Mark Ashcroft said “this is another element in our screen life cycle management portfolio. Working alongside partners to ensure the best presentation within the cinema is fundamental to our approach”

HTS CEO, Patrick Zucchetta said “with such a bundle initiative, we are proud to be linked to Harkness to help the exhibition industry to improve the overall projection quality and at same time optimize the cost of ownership”.

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